Are wet rooms in Chepstow a good idea?

February 1st, 2021

Wet rooms are quite common and desirable, as they are one of the most perfect ways that add value to your house. What are the wet rooms Chepstow? It is a waterproofed and tanked bathroom that comes with a shower area at the same level as the rest of the floor. The wet rooms have something aspirational about themselves. It is without any doubt that the demand for open plan living has increased. It has been estimated that homeowners are transforming their outmoded bathrooms into ultra-sleek, up-to-date wet rooms. Like all other renovations, it is always suggested to choose professional wet room companies for shower fitting Chepstow. Wet rooms are indeed a good idea to install in your home. 

Benefits of Wet Rooms:

  1. Wet rooms, although not made with this mindset but is suitable for the elderly or disabled people. The rooms do not need a shower tray for making access to the shower making the whole process much easier. 
  1. Wet rooms are great for smaller bathrooms if you do not need or want a bath you can simply remove it and install a shower that is opening up in the room. There is no need for a bulky shower that may intrude upon what a little space you already have. 
  1. One of the biggest advantages is wet floors are easy to clean. As the climate over the room is wet, hence normal household bathroom cleaners can be used right around the room to sanitize. This will help to keep fungus and decay at bay.
  1. Wet rooms look stylish and unquestionably add a “wow” factor to your home. As the wet room has minimum design overall and comes with feature materials like wood stone and concrete allowing creativity to run free. 

Are wet rooms hard to keep clean?

Yes! Wet rooms can be kept clean easily. Maybe due to its better accessibility, preferring showering over bathing, or due to its design, wet room installation and taking care is much easy. Everyday cleaning will stop mold and dirt buildup, and you’ll effortlessly preserve a good pattern of freshness.

Clearing the wet room by doing a little bit every day is important.  Spots can be efficiently eliminated just with a sponge and warm water. Remove marks with a glass cleaner. With the help of a dry cloth, you can wipe down the walls properly. Use a mop to clean the floor with a bucket of warm water, and a bathroom cleaner depending on the floor you have installed. Freshening and a proper ventilation system are important for a hygienic wet room. 

Can you have a wet room in a small bathroom? 

Yes, both functional and modern wet floors are becoming much popular in today’s bathroom trends both small and big. Wet rooms are really practical installations for small spaces where you can use square footage efficiently. In a well-suited small bathroom, you can avoid the bathtub and instead open up room for a showering area that does not need the installation of any imposing shower enclosures. Wet room designs will turn even the smallest bathrooms to a suitable space. 

How much space do you need for a wet room? 

A wet room can be made of a wide range of spaces. The most popular size is 1200 x 900 mm often adjusted into space once occupied by a standard-sized bath. On the other hand, the largest in the range is almost 2 meters long. Space and to satisfy your needs is almost unlimited especially when it about the wet rooms. 

How do I turn my bathroom into a wet room?

The idea of wet room fittings is a difficult process is not difficult as you may imagine. The idea of the wetroom is simply awesome that instead of having the shower boxed off in one corner, the bath is eliminated. This will make the entire room a luxuriously sized “shower room”. For bathroom installation service it is important to make the room fully drainable with a basin and toilet that will remain in the place that you can utilize these necessary details. It is often recommended to boost the level of the threshold in your wet room a few millimeters so that you are fully insured against leaks! Make sure that the tiles you prefer are the secret weapon to reconstructing the bathroom into a luxurious and welcoming place to recline. Stone pattern tiles are vintage and fashionable choice and one that top spas consistently choose, while duller shades can look wonderfully modern.

Planning to hire a professional?
You are in the right place. The specialists of C Duffield in Monmouthshire have several years of experience in wet rooms Chepstow. They will ensure that comes with full responsibility for all kinds of projects. 


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