Central Heating Installation in Chepstow: Fixing the Two Most Typical Issues

October 1st, 2020

The central heating system, or CHS, in short, in your home is known to involve considerable intricacies for any layperson to comprehend. It is pretty standard for the CHS to start behaving in an erratic fashion, requiring an extensive servicing by an experienced and qualified professional post a lazy summer spell. You should always remember to turn it on during the summer months on a regular basis to reduce the odds of any issues concerning central heating installation in Chepstow.

However, you need not worry in the event there is something wrong with your CHS. While a vast majority of the problems associated with the central heating system can be easily resolved, it is highly recommended to hire a trusted heating engineer or an acclaimed plumbing consultancy in the vicinity for fixing those that turn out to be increasingly complicated.

What follows next is a brief discussion on some of the most critical causes that generally affect the home CHS and it is highly recommended to hire any of the licensed neighbourhood plumbers in Caldicot like C. Duffield for addressing them as early as possible.


You should check whether or not you have turned on the thermostat in the first place! Ensure that the ideal temperature range is set and keep it between seventeen to twenty degrees centigrade. If the radiators did not get warm even after that, set both the hot water and central heating functions to on position through accessing the program controls.


If the aforementioned steps did not solve the problem, carefully examine the electrical supplies of your CHS, and look for any potential issues. Remember to check if its heating fuse is intact or blown. Provided there is nothing wrong with your heating fuse, check the diverter valve and its motorized mechanism as well in the forthcoming step. Note that the particular valve that regulates the heated water flow can usually be located adjacent to your boiler.


If it does not make the problem go away, the pump that forces hot water and makes it reach the radiators and your taps from the water pipe is likely to be malfunctioning. As a mechanical failure or clogging could cause this most of the time, switch off the pump and figure out if anything has changed at all. If it is because of clogging, all you require is a power flushing in Chepstow, which helps to thoroughly clean the dirt accumulated inside over time.

Nevertheless, trapped air could also prevent the pumps from working properly. You can release the additional volume of air through turning a tiny nut. As soon as the water starts oozing out along with the air trapped inside, secure the nut to its original position and turn on your device again for a final round of testing.


Although checking a broken CHS for any potential problems is not rocket science, hoping to fix it sans any experience, training, and the required equipment would be as good as entering the cockpit without knowing how to fly an airplane! If you are facing any issues with your central heating installation in Chepstow, you may choose to call C. Duffield for a timely resolution.


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