Imagine you are just about to get ready for work and suddenly ice-cold water is running through the taps instead of the regular hot water. Isn’t it sounding like the worst nightmare or the wrong day to wake up? Well, if you face such an incident, first of all, do not panic and try to decipher the root of the problem. You can contact a heating engineer in Caldicot immediately or go through this piece of writing for two user-friendly ways to clear the airlock in the pipes.


One most common cause for your hot water is on the blink or any cold spot in your radiator might be due to an air bubble trapped inside the pipelines. You can prevent it from happening initially if you service the pipelines by skilled and proficient plumbers in Caldicot regularly.

There are some signs that will give you a certain notion that an air bubble has got trapped inside the radiator pipeline:

  • Getting a disrupted or no supply of hot water
  • Taps spluttering whenever turned on
  • Cold spots on radiators can be felt tactually.


Note of caution: While in most cases, you can solve the problem by yourself but if you are sceptical about the internal parts and the network of pipelines, you should connect an eminent plumbing service provider in Caldicot.


However, if you are confident that you can resolve the problem by yourself, here are two very easy user-friendly ways to pass out the airlock through the pipelines and you do not even have to know the nitty-gritty of boiler repair in Caldicot.

The First Method:

To carry out the process, you will need: (a). Garden hose pipes of 1 mm (b). Duct Tapes

Process: Attach the garden hose to the hot water tap using any sink of your house. Then, gradually turn on the cold water tap first, keep it running for 5-10 seconds then turn it off. Then, turn on the hot water tap in the other room; keep it on for 5-10 seconds then again turn it off. Repeat this process at least 6-8 times. Now, check the hot water taps if they are working. The alternative flow of hot and cold waters is likely to burst the air bubbled trapped inside of pass it out with the running water. This is the first method which you can carry out without professional plumbers in Caldicot.

  The Second Method:

To carry out the process, you will need nothing but the expertise of your hands.


Process: First of all turn the main water supply of your house off. Then starting from the topmost floor of your house, turn on all the taps and wait till all the water flows out and the storage tank becomes empty. Make sure to flush the toilet cisterns even. Precisely, empty all the pipes and all the water storage systems. Then turn off all the taps again. Switch on the main water supply and turn the taps to half-open. Now, check if the hot water taps are walking. Generally, trapped air bubble flows out with the water in this process and the good thing is that you will not need plumbing services in Caldicot for it.


These two easy methods can prove to be handy in solving the basic problems of trapped air and cold radiators. But if you need expert assistance, you can connect the expert team at C.Duffield. The proficient plumbers in Caldicot have a wide experience from providing plumbing services to boiler installation in Caldicot.


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